12 May 2012

A Little about me

I am married to Mike.  We have two grown-up Daughters, Gemma and Samantha, my wonderful girls have given us the greatest of gifts Four beautiful Grand daughters. Stella, Abigail, Holly and Jessica.

My short people love to craft with  me, or should i say Stella loves to craft and the others are creative
The love of my life are my two Ragdoll babies, as house cats go they are mischeivious, into everything especially in my craft room. The boys love to watch Pussy Cat T.V.  from my craft room window. The birds on the feeder in the garden!!  The damage a wagging tail can create is amazing, the other day my whole Glitter Station went flying,,,, Alfie had a lovely sparkly sheen to him, actually so did I.

I have been crafting in some form since a child. I can knit, crochet and draw.

I love Scrapbooking, the joy of capturing a moment or coment that can be kept for future generations to treasure as much as I do now.
Though, since Mum left us four years ago, I have found scrapping difficult, I do not know if its the sheer quantity of photos I inherited with NO details or the pain that is still there when I look back.

I also enjoy cardmaking, creating a seperate work of art on a subject close to the respicants heart, if possible, each item being personal.

I know I treasure every handmade item I am given.

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