20 June 2012

Candy Time

I have decided that the time has come where I need to offer Blog Candy...
Once I reach 10 followers...I shall organise a candy give away....
Now out of the box of goodies what shall I have as my first give away...

' Coppernob ' Shoe Templates..Yes..
All 3 Toe Tapper Templates..
Beach Shoe
Mother and Child
Elegant slipper.

This is an image from the Coppernob website of how one of the templates has been used..
I am unable to locate any of my photos..
 ( Another story.)
So I have borrowed one from Coppernob..
I have used mine many times and the results are always fabulous..

Also on their website there is the heel template and guidelines for making a presentation  box

Just a few more members and Alfie will decide the winner...

There is nothing we enjoy more than playing with crumpled paper.. He will pick a winner..
Good luck to everyone. x 

Amazing Opportunity for someone...

Below is the address for an amazing lady, by the name of Samantha who is over in Australia and she offering someone the chance to win the largest Blog Candy I have ever seen... She is a very generous person.. 


We crafter's are so very generous, be it with our stash or our time and certainly with our ideas..
Please pop on over to take a look and join in if you want to.. I have..

Design Team Challenge Number Two

Desmet Designs Are the Sponsor of our current challenge at Craftymess..
Our brief this time was PAINT..
Now I love to paint, preferably Folk Art, but this time I had a nightmare..Don't know why, but everytime I thought I was happy with my work, I would then go and spoil it.. Well I thought so.
I ended up with so many little beach huts ( the image I chose to work with ) that I ended up using most of them in the project you can see below...

H2O paints
Aqua Markers
Rembranddt Aquarell pencils
A4 Canvas Board
DCWV Papers and Stickers
Double sided tape and Pinflair Glue Gel
Stamps and Ribbon from Personal stash
Crop a Dile

Cut canvas board into 3 equal sections
Then reduce each section further to desired size.
Cover with selected papers and puch holes to thread ribbon through. ( This I did after assembly..Not good )
Print, Paint and cut as many 'Beach Huts' as required
Assemble the individual canvases, now is the time to thread the ribbon through
Add stickers and any other embellishments...
Ta dah

I have to admit that I am actually quite happy with this piece, after all of the heartache.. I must be as it is still hanging in the lounge...

13 June 2012

Daily Challenge Make

Craftymess on Facebook

The brief was use Drinking Straw/s and Brad/s..

After thinking about this for a while I remembered something I had done in the past with Stella.. Deciding this had to look a little more professional than the first one we made, I set to on creating this..

First was to locate something suitable for the vase.
This completed I decided on the colour theme.. Actually I have a large collection of buttons and it was either Red, White or Shades of Purple..Those I have the most of..

Finding red card stock first, the decision was made for me..

The rest was easy.. Leave some flowers white and add red button and red/white bakers twine to them and a little red ink around the edges... The others I found a 6x6" MAKING MEMORIES collection that was hiding in a draw.. Solution.. cover some Flowers in red polka dots, others in a muted pinky/red and the rest in lovely red flower patterned paper.. stick the straws to the bottom with PIN FLAIR GLUE GEL.. fabulous stuff, like silicon glue BUT NO smell.. this I used to adhere the buttons to the top as well.

Finally I covered the vase with red card stock, sticking white ribbon to the top and bottom and a big red satin bow around the vase.

Where is the brad I hear you say.... from the bow there is a double label..this has a tag brad through the top and is tied on with thin gold ribbon...

Job done... Brief completed..

Small Visitors....

My gorgeous short assistant has popped round on a short visit.. Well it will be a short visit unless Holly makes it up the stairs to my..sorry..Holly's craft room!!!!
This photo is of both my youngest shorties on holiday recently.. Sunglasses are still an item of fun and amusement... They will both grow out of this stage..At least we hope so.

9 June 2012

My first ever Design Team Entry

The brief was 'Fantasy' we were given several images with which to work from.  This was my creation 'Leprechaun'

I will add my ingredients and method later..They are all in my book in my work room and I am currently being lazy downstairs.

I hope you all enjoy my creation, I am rather proud of him..

Yet another discovery made whilst being nosey..curiosity wont kill me and I have to learn somewhere....

I discovered this rather useful little box..(app I hear you all shouting) whilst taking a peep at Judie's Blog, after pressing the little button I thought...umm that looks like a good idea..and here.. a week later, I have finished the process of adding this to my little blog too. 

Not that I think anything here is worth copying, its just my ramblings and a few pics of my creations. 

But if its good for others then its good for me.  
Well it makes me feel a wee bit important. ahh I hear you all, but you never know, the day may come where I make a major discovery, my artwork gets made into stamps, I create a new and successful way of doing something... It might happen...maybe....

Well I have to add, this is very useful and we should all have some sort of protection on our work, it does not make any difference whether we are geniuses or just rambling on about everyday life, what we publish is ours and ours alone...Lets keep it that way..