9 June 2012

Yet another discovery made whilst being nosey..curiosity wont kill me and I have to learn somewhere....

I discovered this rather useful little box..(app I hear you all shouting) whilst taking a peep at Judie's Blog, after pressing the little button I thought...umm that looks like a good idea..and here.. a week later, I have finished the process of adding this to my little blog too. 

Not that I think anything here is worth copying, its just my ramblings and a few pics of my creations. 

But if its good for others then its good for me.  
Well it makes me feel a wee bit important. ahh I hear you all, but you never know, the day may come where I make a major discovery, my artwork gets made into stamps, I create a new and successful way of doing something... It might happen...maybe....

Well I have to add, this is very useful and we should all have some sort of protection on our work, it does not make any difference whether we are geniuses or just rambling on about everyday life, what we publish is ours and ours alone...Lets keep it that way..

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