9 June 2012

Wow what a Week.. 9th June 2012

Quite a week to remember.

Diamond Jubilee River Parade, Fab Concert and all topped off with a remarkable service at  St Paul's...Plus the Duke of Edinburgh being taken ill and rushed to hospital..
All this I watched from my bed as that is where I have spent the week..This has been a bug that I will remember for some time..

I started a card for the Daily Challenge last Sunday, and that was the last time I entered my craft Room.. which still looks like a bomb has gone off, the reason for this was my Sister In Law, who visited briefly last Saturday on the scrounge for crafting bits and walked away with boxes full of die cuts, dies and my Big Shot, I personally think she did rather well.  That should keep her quiet for a while...thought I doubt it really....

This morning, whilst watch the news on TV, I discovered the disaster that has befallen Wales.  With family in the area, I was immediately worried.  After several phone calls, we have discovered they are safe..but are currently watching flood waters advance upon their property from the field behind... This I can not perceive.. a total nightmare, especially as they are pensioners who despite being quite active for their age are really quite frail.. All roads are blocked so there is no way of getting to them to assist.  Fingers crossed the rain stops, the flood waters recede away, and all the families who are living this nightmare survive and are able to rebuild their lives.

Roll on next week me thinks.

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