2 June 2012

What a FIND...

This has to be my recommendation for the week..


A British Company with some of the most useful images available on the market.
Plus they have FREEBIES available some of which are most delightful and Very Usable..

As well as a stunning range of stamps to cover almost any occasion, they have fab Freebies too !!

A little of what I made using just one of the
 FREEBIE downloads
 from the WALTZING MOUSE site..
I made these for the 'Craftymess' Daily challenge, Make something 3d and White and Blue..

The moment I saw these on the site, I knew I just had to make some... I might just be ready for Christmas this year..
Maybe not...Lets be honest here..

Waltzing Mouse have to be one of the best Stamp/Craft companies out there at the moment...And they are British, located in Ireland !!

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