20 June 2012

Candy Time

I have decided that the time has come where I need to offer Blog Candy...
Once I reach 10 followers...I shall organise a candy give away....
Now out of the box of goodies what shall I have as my first give away...

' Coppernob ' Shoe Templates..Yes..
All 3 Toe Tapper Templates..
Beach Shoe
Mother and Child
Elegant slipper.

This is an image from the Coppernob website of how one of the templates has been used..
I am unable to locate any of my photos..
 ( Another story.)
So I have borrowed one from Coppernob..
I have used mine many times and the results are always fabulous..

Also on their website there is the heel template and guidelines for making a presentation  box

Just a few more members and Alfie will decide the winner...

There is nothing we enjoy more than playing with crumpled paper.. He will pick a winner..
Good luck to everyone. x 

1 comment:

  1. lovely candy jemara! thanks for the chance.. :)