13 June 2012

Daily Challenge Make

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The brief was use Drinking Straw/s and Brad/s..

After thinking about this for a while I remembered something I had done in the past with Stella.. Deciding this had to look a little more professional than the first one we made, I set to on creating this..

First was to locate something suitable for the vase.
This completed I decided on the colour theme.. Actually I have a large collection of buttons and it was either Red, White or Shades of Purple..Those I have the most of..

Finding red card stock first, the decision was made for me..

The rest was easy.. Leave some flowers white and add red button and red/white bakers twine to them and a little red ink around the edges... The others I found a 6x6" MAKING MEMORIES collection that was hiding in a draw.. Solution.. cover some Flowers in red polka dots, others in a muted pinky/red and the rest in lovely red flower patterned paper.. stick the straws to the bottom with PIN FLAIR GLUE GEL.. fabulous stuff, like silicon glue BUT NO smell.. this I used to adhere the buttons to the top as well.

Finally I covered the vase with red card stock, sticking white ribbon to the top and bottom and a big red satin bow around the vase.

Where is the brad I hear you say.... from the bow there is a double label..this has a tag brad through the top and is tied on with thin gold ribbon...

Job done... Brief completed..

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