24 May 2012

Going Ever So Slightly Mad

No Internet at home...Grumpy lost his temper with our communications provider.. For the first time ever, he told someone to stick it... They took him at his word and now..No Internet at home...

All my emails are somewhere in the ether as I messed in the settings on my phone, can't even remember my password... Really need help.... Or better still start this week all over again. If only that was possible.

I will be back and shortly, working at my Daughters, Life at home is slightly unbearable, as Grumpy lives for his Internet to game on... Serves him right..

Well I'm off now, going home to let the dogs out and feed them, then I am off to my sanctuary. Craft Room here I come.

See you all tomorrow, hopefully with pictures of what I've been creating and some of the best news I have had for a very long time.

x Jet

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